PJ Business IT consultant
hi there!

I’m a certified professional Business IT COnsultant

My name is Porcenel Joachim and I like to think of myself as multitasking, altruistic, certified computer geek. Computer and people have always been my two great passions in life and I dedicated my life’s work in bringing these two components together. We can do anything from web designing, virus clean up, software installment, building a computer and so much more. When it comes to providing Informational technology service, I am you Clark Kent and I will work tirelessly to be your companies’ Superman. My experience spans for about a decade. I successfully broke my first computer at 15 years old and then proceed to build it up again from scratch.


Our vision has always been to see every company from small mom and pops business to big corporations have the IT services they need in order to run an efficient business. We believed that every small business should have as much if not more resources pump into them. It our my personal duty to provide these services at a low price to all Florida areas. Every business should be equipped with the knowledge and IT services needed to transform their business into a well-oiled iron machine that provides quality products to their customers.